Fourth of July Wreath

Fourth of July Wreath

I love any reason to decorate for a holiday and what better place to start than the front door? It’s the first thing people see when they arrive so it’s a perfect way to set the tone. Buying a wreath for every holiday can get really expensive, so when I found this one, I thought it would be a perfect canvas for different holiday decor. The greenery works for every season and all I have to do is add the appropriate ribbon and some thematic decor for every holiday. I’ve put together a list of ribbon that would be perfect for a Fourth of July wreath so you can make one too.

First up, this blue toile ribbon is classic. I am and always have been a fan of all things toile. Plus, it’s a wire ribbon so it can be formed into a perfect bow.

This red satin ribbon pairs perfectly with the toile.

And for some texture, this white eyelet ribbon ties (no pun intended) it all together.

And don’t forget the mini flags to complete the wreath.

Happy Wreath making!!

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