Last Minute Christmas Centerpiece

Last Minute Christmas Centerpiece

This simple centerpiece will brighten up your table for Christmas dinner, and bonus, it’s edible! So grab a bag of clementines and an ice bucket to create this last minute Christmas centerpiece.

You will need:

  • 1 bag of clementines
  • Some packing paper or tissue paper
  • An ice bucket or silver bowl
  • Green or red ribbon (this velvet ribbon is really pretty)


Fill the bottom of the ice bucket with crumpled pieces of paper to take up some of the space.

Place the clementines on top until the paper is covered and the ice bucket looks full. If using a shallow bowl, use less paper.

Tie a bow around the base of the ice bucket and voila! A simple last minute Christmas centerpiece. This would look great with red tapers on either side of it or small vases of red and white flowers and greenery. This would also look good on a bar cart.

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