My Mom’s Gift Wrapping Tips

My Mom’s Gift Wrapping Tips

One of my favorite things to do during the holidays is wrap gifts with my Mom. We pour ourselves champagne, put on Christmas movies and wrap into the wee hours of the night. I’m so sad we can’t be together to wrap gifts this year. Each year, we pick a theme for our gift wrap and buy tags, ribbon and bags to match. A great time to buy gift wrap is the day after Thanksgiving or right after Christmas for the following year. I’ve learned lots of little wrapping tips and tricks from my Mom over the years and wanted to share them with you today. So pour yourself a little something to drink, put on your favorite Christmas movie and get ready to wrap! Here are a few of my Mom’s gift wrapping tips.

Stay within the color wheel of your theme

You can never have enough white tissue paper (we buy a large pack at Costco)

Stick your gift tags on the bottom of the package, this will keep the front of the gift looking neat and clean.

As for bags, place your gift tag on the tissue paper, not on the bag this way you can reuse the bag.

If the bag comes with a tag, skip using it so that the recipient can reuse the bag…it’s like an extra little gift as bags can be kind of expensive, so stick with using the tissue paper trick.

Pay attention to the length of the ribbon you buy. Anything under 20 ft is not going to yield much.

Don’t sit on the floor…unless you want your back and knees to hurt the next day!

Be organized! We keep the following items in our gift wrapping bin:

  • Lots of tape dispensers
  • A few pairs of scissors
  • Thin tipped sharpies in multiple different colors
  • Sticky notes (to label gift boxes before wrapping so you remember who it’s for)
  • String (if you want to tie a small ornament or bell to your package)

Have fun! Hence the Christmas movies and champagne.

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2 thoughts on “My Mom’s Gift Wrapping Tips”

  • Thanks for the press here! I’m happy you have continued with “tips” of Christmas wrapping, and find them useful! I too missed our Champagne wrapping marathon this year!
    We’ll make up for it next year!!

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