Valentine’s Day Dessert Board

Valentine’s Day Dessert Board

Want to impress your sweetheart this Valentine’s Day? Try this simple yet delicious Valentine’s Day dessert board! I loaded up a vintage silver platter with all of my favorite Valentine sweets. Most everything is store bought which makes this an easy dessert to make. I cut homemade brownies into hearts with a cookie cutter and made some buttery shortbread heart cookies. There are no rules when making this dessert board…except you’ll obviously want to stick to the Valentine’s Day theme. So grab a tray and some sweet treats and get creative.

Here is what I used for my board:

Vintage silver platter

Vintage silver candy dish

Candy hearts

White chocolate covered pretzels

Red vines

Heart shaped double chocolate brownies

Powdered sugar donut holes

Gummy cherry hearts

Strawberry cream Hershey’s hearts

Heart shaped frosted shortbread cookies (online class coming soon)

Wrapped fruit gummies

Milk Duds

Sour gummy belts

Gummy cinnamon lips

Almond Roca (I have loved these for as long as I can remember.)

Once you have all your treats, assemble them on your board. Be sure to avoid too much negative space, the board looks better when it’s nice and full. Admire your work of art before letting your loved ones dig in!…then maybe tell the kids to run laps in the backyard to burn off all that sugary energy.

You can add some raspberries and strawberries (the store here was out) too.

What are some of your favorite Valentine’s Day sweets?

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