My Favorite Cooking Shirt

My Favorite Cooking Shirt

On days where I spend the bulk of my time in the kitchen cooking, there are a few things that I require from my attire: Comfort, no concern for stains and sleeves that stay up! I can’t stand it when my sleeves fall and I have raw chicken on my hands forcing me to wash up before pushing them up again. Or I have to find Scott and have him push my sleeves up for me like a little kid. I also hate when my sleeves get wet while doing dishes! So when my mom and I discovered this shirt years ago, I stocked up and to this day, it remains my favorite cooking shirt.

Alternative Apparel uses recycled materials in their soft cotton blend shirts. I like to go a size up for a little extra comfort and in case it shrinks up a bit. They go on sale throughout the year which is a great time to stock up on multiple colors.

They are running low on sizes on their website but I found more options on Amazon. These shirts aren’t just perfect for a day of cooking, they are great for working in the yard, chores around the house, lounging or layering under itchy sweaters…another thing I don’t like! It’s basically the perfect, simple, most comfortable shirt around!

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