My Most Used Kitchen Tools

My Most Used Kitchen Tools

I’m in the kitchen a LOT, so it’s important that I have the best tools to make cooking easy. While I’m not one to use too many unnecessary gadgets that just take up space in the drawer, there are a few items that I think every kitchen should have. I try to use tools that have multiple purposes that way I’m not overwhelmed with clutter. Here are my most used kitchen tools.

All Clad measuring cups and spoons – I recommend buying the set, I use them all the time. I actually have multiple sets of measuring cups and spoons that I’ve collected over the years. You would think one set of each is enough, but I ca’t tell you how many times I use multiple sets at once especially while baking during the holidays. If you forget to measure your dry ingredients first, then your spoon that you just measured vanilla with will be dipped into baking powder which will then stick to your spoon. That’s why more is more!

Mini whisk – I use this when making salad dressing, whisking an egg wash together for pastries or anytime I am whisking ingredients in a glass measuring cup because the mini whisk fits perfectly in small bowls and cups.

Silicone pastry brush – I use this for baking and cooking. it’s great for brushing egg wash on pastry or marinades on meat. The best part, it goes right in the dishwasher for easy cleanup.

Wooden citrus reamer – I realize there are fancy hand-held juicers out there, but this reamer was in my tool kit when I started culinary school and I can’t imagine replacing it. It’s perfect for making cocktails or finishing dishes with a hit of fresh citrus.

Microplane grater – This is the best grater for zesting citrus, grating chocolate, ginger and garlic and topping pasta with tons of fresh parmesan.

Digital thermometer – Perfect for ensuring the proper temp of meat and poultry…safety first!

Wooden spoons – I have tons of these in all different sizes. I use them all the time for cooking and baking because they don’t scratch up my pans when stirring.

Vegetable peeler – This is my favorite peeler. I’ve mentioned it before, it takes a bit of getting used to but once you do, it peels with ease. I buy these 5 at a time because I use them so often.

Mesh strainers – This set is perfect for any kitchen. I use my strainers all the time. The mini one is perfect for catching lemon seeds or dusting baked goods with powdered sugar or cocoa. The medium and large strainers are great for rinsing beans, rice and quinoa or straining pastas, soups and purees.

Scoop set – I only have 4 but now that I found this set of 9, I’ll be purchasing it right away! I use these scoops for cookies, muffins, cupcakes and more. Basically anything that you want to be the same size, you can use these scoops for.

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