How To Stock Your Guest Bathroom For The Holidays

How To Stock Your Guest Bathroom For The Holidays

We all know by now that washing our hands is more important than ever right now! If you’re having family or close friends over this holiday season, you can be prepared to make them feel safe and healthy while still keeping your home festive. Here are a few tips on how to stock your guest bathroom for the holidays.

Soap and lotion is a must, here are some of my favorites:

This set from Williams Sonoma

This smells so fresh and so clean, clean

Or treat yourself and your guests to this festive set

Single use hand towels are a nice touch especially this year. Try these disposable ones or these ones.

Or offer wash clothes. Roll them up and stack them by the sink. Place a basket or this cute crate on the floor so your guests can toss the wash cloth in when they’re done.

*Helpful hint Place a washcloth in the basket before guests arrive so they know that that’s what it’s there for. At the end of the night, toss them in the washer with your table linens.

Hang this towel for a pop of holiday cheer!

Light a holiday scented candle I like this one too

Put these mini hand sanitizers in a basket for guests to use and take home with them.

Little extras:

These add a nice touch.

Add a little greenery in a small vase. I like to use vintage milk glass.

And finally, this book adds that final detail to your guest bathroom.

Happy Ho-loo-days!

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